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Omega Speedmaster

Over the years, the Omega Speedmaster super clone series has continued to grow and expand into a variety of sports watches equipped with chronographs. You will even find highly advanced quartz watches equipped with mixed analog/digital displays that provide users with unparalleled functions.

In addition, at the other end of the Omega Speedmaster look alike watches, you will find a version of the classic moonwatch, which is the first model of the modern version to be worn on the surface of the moon, equipped with Hesa​​​​​​​​​​​​ Winding movement.

Omega Speedmaster watches are widely regarded as one of the truly undisputed legends in the watch industry. No matter which specific model or model you choose, you will get one of the best and most historical sports watches ever.

Omega Seamaster 300 / Diver 300M

Omega Seamaster super clone uk is one of the oldest names in the Omega catalog, and its long history can be traced back to 1948. Today, the Omega Seamaster series is undoubtedly the most diverse series of the brand. It now consists of many sub-series, ranging from professional divers to retro-style formal watches. However, despite its wide variety, the Seamaster series still contains most of Omega’s sports watches, including all its divers and other water-related sports watches.

Although the overall aesthetics of the watch is firmly rooted in its past, the modern Omega Seamaster 300 is just a retro-style model, not a direct copy. This means that the Seamaster 300 Professional price benefits from modern technologies and conveniences, such as scratch-resistant sapphire crystals and the most advanced antimagnetic movement certified by the observatory.

Omega Speedmaster replica 60th Anniversary Dinner

Thursday, April 26th, London – Omega in London, the United Kingdom held a series of 60 years of super prize “roaming space” to commemorate the dinner, in the vast lights and music, guests offer a feast from the distant stars. George Clooney and Buzz Aldrin attended the Omega “Roaming Space” Memorial Dinner to pay tribute to the extraordinary legend of the Omega Speedmaster replica series to explore the space, the Omega celebrity ambassador George Clooney and the Buzz Aldrin.
The dinner was held at the Tate Modern Museum in London, hosted by Professor Brian Cox, with a fancy and creative scene to provide a strong sensory experience for the guests. Venue from the center of the show since the birth of the 1957 to 2017 launched 60 classic super watch, leading guests to review the legendary super cheap replica watches 60 years legend.

At the beginning of the dinner, Raynald Aeschlimann, president and chief executive officer of Omega, came to the top of the conference and presented the Omega’s most prestigious chronograph –

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“Super watch is a world famous classic chronograph.It is important for the Omega is self-evident.For every one who wear and trust super watch, the super watch the same Is an indispensable existence. 60 years later, we are still super-watch the excellent performance and extraordinary charm to attract. This can be a classic time for this celebration, and with many super watch The loyal fans share its legendary story, and Omega is deeply glorious.
Omega super watch the legendary story has a long history and extremely exciting. Super watch is the world’s first watch scale will be moved to the watch on the watch, this highly forward-looking classic design withstood the test of time, not only become astronauts, air force pilots, explorers, athletes And the actor’s wrist choice, but also in the world brought together more and more super enthusiasts. In the legendary history of the super watch, the moon feast is the world’s most shocking. In 1969, when the Apollo 11 astronaut Baz Aldrin set foot on the surface of the moon, Omega Speedmaster watch has thus become the first watch on the moon.

48 years later, Baz Alderlin dressed in space suit surprise on the stage, the scene applause. Subsequently, Alder Lin with the presence of guests breakdown of their own precious memories with precious memories, and tells the story of the unforgettable lunar calendar.

“The moment of the moon, we are not afraid, more is able to represent the pride and glory of human landing on the moon.We have the technology and knowledge enough to carry out such a great task, which for a astronaut and a lot People are of extraordinary significance.
Standing around Aldrin is the famous movie star George Clooney. He is not only super replica watches uk loyal fans, the same space exploration has unlimited love. Clooney childhood memories of the most precious and Apollo plan and Omega Super watch related.

My superfather and father have a super watch, it is an important part of the lunar landing program, but also an integral part of our lives, my father had given me in my graduation I am a super watch as a gift.This watch elegant design so that I favor it, and it is carrying the history of let me love it.
When asked about his memory of the moon, Clooney to Alderlin expressed his admiration: “the moon in the world is very important for everyone, as an astronaut, you do Everything is vital, and I am grateful for the courage, leadership, and all the contributions you have shown in your mission.
For more than 50 years, the Omega Speedmaster has always been a great time for reliable space exploration. In 1965, the Super Watch was approved by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and was officially selected as the designated watch for all its manned space missions. That night, once the test project leader, former NASA engineer James Ragan (James Ragan) also attended the dinner, and with the guests to share the NASA Omega Super watch and recognition of praise.
“In 1965 to participate in the test of many watches, the Omega Speedmaster watch is the only one through the test of the watch. The rest of the watch in the first test has been eliminated.Therefore, Table in the NASA enjoy a high praise.Today super watch is still used in the cause of space, which shows its extraordinary and excellent performance.

Chinese famous actor Liu Shi poem to attend the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster series “Roaming Space” Memorial Dinner

American actor Liv Tyler attended the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster “Roaming Space” Memorial Dinner

British actor Laura Karl Michael attended the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster “Roaming Space” Memorial Dinner

British singer Pico Lott to attend the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster “Roaming Space” Memorial Dinner

French actor Kleyman Si Pousi attended the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster series “Roaming Space” Memorial Dinner

British model Toby Huntington – Whitely to attend the 60th anniversary of the Omega Speedmaster “Roaming Space” Memorial Dinner

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Omega super watch in the world have a far-reaching impact. Many of the distinguished guests from different countries around the world attended their love for the super watch, including the famous Chinese actor Liu Shi poems, American actor Liv Tyler (Liv Tyler), the United States actor Liv Tyler, British actor Gemma Arterton, British singer Ellie Goulding, French actor Clemence Poesy, British actor Julie Richardson Joely Richardson), British singer Pixie Lott, American model Arizona Muse, British model Erin O ‘Connor, British model David Gan David Gandy, British actor Laura Carmichael, British model Amber Le Bon, fashion blogger Camille Charriere, model and fashion blogger Oliver Cheshire, British model Toby Huntington-Whitely, chef Marcus Wareing, British boxer David Haye, British Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty, Italian swimmer Filippo Magnini, Japanese actor Shohei Miura, Thai actor and model Praya Lundberg, and Indonesian actor Nicholas Saputra.
At the end of the “roaming space” memorial dinner, the British female singer ESKA exclaimed the classic song “Space Oddity” created by David Bowie, a fantastic night for this pleasure Draw a full stop.
Wrist of the Omega Speedmaster series watch:
Barz Aldrin and James Ragan wear the Omega Speedmaster series of professional lunar tables.
George Clooney wear Omega Speedmaster series phase to the astronomical table table, An Shiwen wear Omega Speedmaster series phase to the astronomical table table 18K gold section.

Six Decades of Omega Speedmaster replica, The 1990s

In this fourth chapter in our series of features articles on the 60th anniversary of the iconic Omega Speedmaster replica,going decade by decade (interrupted last week by our on-site Baselworld coverage), we present the eleven most noteworthy Speedmasters from the 1990s, including the first COSC-certified manual-wound Speedmaster and the Omega Speedmaster 40th Anniversary.
1991: Perpetual Calendar for Switzerland’s 700th Anniversary
Omega Speedmaster Perpetual Calendar (1991)
This Speedmaster model, limited to just 50 pieces, celebrated the 700th anniversary of Switzerland — but for whatever reason was released exclusively to the Japanese market. In addition to the chronograph function common to the Speedmaster series, this rare timepiece — often regarded as the most complicated fake watches uk Omega has ever produced in a series — also includes a moon-phase indication and a perpetual calendar accurate to the year 2100.
1992: Rare Hand-Crafted Skeleton Limited Edition
Omega Speedmaster Skeleton (1992)
This watch — and its skeletonized movement, visible through the front dial and a clear caseback — was limited to only 50 pieces. It was intended as a special tribute to the 50th anniversary of Omega’s 27 CHRO C12 project, launched in 1942, which led to the creation of Calibre 321 — the movement used in the very first Speedmaster.
1992: First COSC-Certified Manual-Wound Speedmaster
Omega Speedmaster Jubilee (1992)
Another very limited tribute piece released in the anniversary year of the 27 CHRO C12 project, the so-called Omega “Jubilee 27 CHRO C12” model was the first COSC-certified, manual-wound Speedmaster replica watches, only 50 pieces of which were ever made.
1995: Apollo 13
Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 (1995)
An Omega Speedmaster played a life-saving role aboard the Apollo 13 space mission in 1970, helping the astronauts return safely to Earth. This model, commemorating the 25th anniversary of that mission, is a favorite among collectors, as it was the first in what would become a long series of Mission models that followed. An Apollo 13 badge appears on the dial of the replica watches uk, which was limited to 999 pieces.
1995: 365 Days on MIR Space Station
Omega Speedmaster MIR 365 Days (1995)
In 1990, 10 standard Speedmaster Moonwatches were kept aboard the orbiting MIR Space Station for 90 days to test the effects of zero gravity on the watch. Two years later, a second series spent 365 days on the station in a further experiment. Twenty-eight of these history-making cheap replica watches were sold in 1995. The inscription “365 DAYS ON BOARD SPACE STATION MIR, JULY 1993 – JULY 1994” appear on the solid caseback.
1996: “Racing,” Launched by Michael Schumacher
Omega Speedmaster Racing Schumacher (1996)
Notable for its “younger” aesthetics and produced in both red and yellow versions, this Speedmaster with a vintage racing-style minute track was launched in a collaboration with racing legend Michael Schumacher, who became an Omega replica uk“brand ambassador” in 1996. The watch was presented in a rubber presentation box that resembled the tires of Formula One cars and featured Schumacher’s signature in white.
1997: Inspired by the 1957 Original
Omega Speedmaster Relaunch (1997)
With the exact same dial, bezel, hands, and logo as the famous “Broad Arrow” original from 1957, this watch — sometimes to referred to as the “Replica” — was the first to be included in the 1997 “Missions” collection, which marked the 40th anniversary of the Speedmaster. Along with this watch, the set contained 22 other Speedmasters, each with a different mission patch on the dial.
1997: “The Golden Panda”
Omega Speedmaster “The Golden Panda” 3690.30.01 (1997)
Another timepiece created specifically for the Japanese market, the so-called “Golden Panda” Speedmaster was limited to only 40 pieces. Thanks to the silvery-white dial and black minute scale and subdials, the fake watches resembled the face of a panda, which gave it its memorable nickname. This distinctive look, its rarity, and its gold case have made this watch a valuable collectors’ item.
1997: 40 Years of the Speedmaster
Omega Speedmaster 40th Anniversary (1997)
Another tribute piece to the Speedmaster’s 40th anniversary, this model released in 1997 featured a cream-colored dial and a sapphire crystal over the dial – an unusual feature for the time. Limited to 500 pieces and exclusive to Italy, it was also one of the first models to have its hands and dial coated in LumiNova.1998: Omega replica watches X-33
Omega Speedmaster X33 (1998)
Known as the “Mars Watch,” the futiristic-looking X-33 was designed for the possibility of man landing on the red planet. It is the product of five years’ collaborative development between cheap Omega replica and the world’s major space agencies, as well as the USN “Blue Angels” and the USAF “Thunderbirds.” This model was worn aboard NASA’s space shuttles and Russia’s MIR Space Station.
1999: Apollo 11
Omega Speedmaster replica uk Apollo 11 (1999)
Launched in 1999 to mark the 30th anniversary of Apollo 11, this model was the second Speedmaster Professional to include a moon-phase indication and the first Speedmaster with this complication to be created in gold — or, in fact, any metal other than stainless steel. This white-gold timepiece featured a silver dial and was available exclusively on a leather strap with a white-gold buckle.